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fuck cars, I'm walking 2001-10-23 10:24:58
by obrien
So I'm driving down Park Blvd at about 10:15 last night, approaching the Seminole Blvd. light. I see a truck speed through the intersection in front of me, and I look up, and MY light is green. Hmmm. So I slam on my brakes because that truck hit a van which is now rolling towards me. The van stops rolling about 10 feet to my left, and I look up, and my light just turned yellow. So the light for the opposite direction had been red for a good minute or two, and I don't know where the hell that truck came from.

So everyone's basically ok. There was a woman trapped in the van but she was conscious (*everybody* could hear her) and the paramedics were on the way. I was on the way to pick up my friends and figured they might want to gawk. We just hang around on the corner for 45 minutes watching the pigs and the firemen, waiting for them to flip the car over (that was cool) and eventually we leave to go get some Wendy's.

I had just pulled into the Wendy's parking lot when (screech) (boom) there's another fucking accident. This time somebody slammed into a cop car that was blocking traffic, which spun the cop car so that it sandwhiched the car that caused the accident between the cop car and a van. Once again, no one was really hurt (although there was a cop sitting in the car writing up his report at the time, and he got a little banged up).

But it just makes me wonder, how the hell do these people have licenses? To speed through a yellow light is one thing, but jesus. And to hit a cop car that has its annoyingly bright flashing lights on... I think it's a tie, both of these drivers deserve the Drooling Wall-eyed Moron award. And maybe I should start walking from now on.

Re: fuck cars, I'm walking 2001-10-23 11:55:31
by marasmus
This is just further evidence to support my crazy idea that drivers with good records (no accidents for 2+ years) should be allowed to mount artillery guns onto their cars (no ammo though) to scare bad drivers away from them.

Well, it might be cool to have said artillery guns modified to shoot paintballs. That would've been exceptionally cool this morning when a public bus decided to move into my lane while I was still in it. I'm glad I have the option of downshifting and taking off into oblivion, because otherwise I would have been the meat in a diesel sandwich.
Re: fuck cars, I'm walking 2001-10-27 13:07:03
by smokey
So I'm driving my friend home last night and I too get to witness one of the biggest idiots in Florida. This one was quite drunk though. I was doing like 50-55 down 19 at about 110 ave and this guy came speeding up next to me like he was going to pass. Unfortunately he didnít pass me. I say unfortunately cause he neglected to notice the big WT station wagon parked in his lane with its hazard lights on. So like 30 ft in front of me this guy completely slams into this station wagon at like 60mph (ouch!!!).
Re: fuck cars, I'm walking 2001-10-27 13:29:05
by stale
Dood! That is so badass.