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RedHat 7.2 - Codenamed 'Incompatible' 2001-10-22 16:37:09
by marasmus
RedHat Linux 7.2 was officially released today. I've been reading ahead to know what kind of crap I'd have to deal with when vendors crammed RedHat down my throat at work. Here are the key incompatibility points that you and your family will love in RedHat 7.2:
  • ext3 filesystem, which is not even a part of the standard Linux kernel source tree
  • Dumping inetd and using the hole-ridden Xinetd
  • Still using GCC 2.96, the known-from-day-one-to-be-broken and never-officially-released from GNU
  • Dumping LILO and using GRUB instead. Rest assured you can never boot properly without high-res video on your server ever again! GUI bootloaders! Woo!
  • A 2.4.7 kernel... Now let's see, RedHat Released their special-sauce 2.4.9 kernel a few days ago, and 2.4.12 has been out for 2 weeks? Not to mention that kernel 2.4.9 and prior have a confirmed ptrace vulnerability which affects all Linux systems. Nonetheless, RedHat is keeping everyone just out-of-date enough to give them a good heart attack.
Well, that's the quick list of rather-new and important breaking-of-standards by RedHat.