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it's rant time, kids! 2001-10-19 01:31:17
by marasmus
Venting is a necessary periodic behavior.

With that now understood, I'd like to clarify some things about life.

In general, people eat my shit. they need to become compost. example of the week: the too-coked-up-to-afford-to-be-a-biker-bitch bitch that tried to hijack a ride from me last week. Fuckin' nutjob.

Organizations eat my shit. Non-profit organizations always have some sort of additional agenda or back-pocket to slip their fucking money into. I seriously don't trust the Red Cross when they put an ad on national TV that directly URGES people to give their money to the Red Cross in an obligatory fashion. Fuckin' greedy.

Companies eat my shit. Just a government-recognized structure which exists in order to shift responsibility through an infinite loop of I'm-not-responsible-tag. Management is always a joke. The only people who have structured management are military and religious fanatic groups (which are often one in the same anyways). Can someone please provide me a gun barrel to suck on please?

The government is trying really hard not to eat my shit, but it still does. Can you explain how it is illegal to park your car on the curb of a residential neighborhood when visiting a friend? There's no other place to park. There's no parking lot for the neighborhood visitors. There's a curb, just like every other neighborhood. But apparently I get a parking ticket in this one particular neighborhood. because the good-ole-boy chicken-neck cops of this particular area have no other means of income. In addition, the county lost the paperwork showing that I had taken care of a speeding ticket. They wanted to suspend my license, while i was on a got damn business trip to DC a few weeks ago. So I couldn't rent a car and had to take motherfucking taxi's to every place I went. That inconvenience was approximately equivalent to being reamed in the ass with a 20 foot flagpole for an indefinite period of time.

fuck people again. They really fucking annoy me. There are so few good, quality people out there that I'm actually shocked when I meet one. that simply shouldn't be.... but it is.

Fuck overworking. I haven't had time to relax, to be ME, in fucking ages. This stupid, inconsequential job has sucked the time and slack right the fuck out of me. I've let it sell me out like aerosmith in that fucking atrocity of a GAP advertisement that came out 2 years ago.

Another clarification: As I stated one year and seven months ago, you NEED the shizit. Big improvement over a year ago is that we now provide webspace for Brian and JP of The Shizit. By the way, you STILL need the shizit. Their latest album is out. I'll have my copy early next week. They really deserve to have their music purchased.

You may now return to your regularly-scheduled fucking-off. Fuck off.

Re: it's rant time, kids! 2001-10-20 01:17:20
by caridwen
have you had your wheaties today?
Re: it's rant time, kids! 2001-10-21 20:34:24
by smokey
d00d, you want me to bring over some paxil?
Re: it's rant time, kids! 2001-10-22 11:45:59
by stale
I think Mar just needs a good old fashioned shoe in the pants.