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I ain't makin' tha chili cheese no mo'! 2001-10-11 15:46:01
by chevy
Sara and I have discovered the true and utterly disturbing reasons for the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Everyone has drawn the wrong conclusions as to the foreign aggressions, we think they were simply trying to take out the corporate giant McDonalds for serving or just creating the abomonation known as the "McRib" sandwich... I'm sure there was one in there somewhere. Either way, my perverse mind has pictured the whole scenario as some sort of Mentos commercial gone terribly wrong... I know I am sick but the thought of the dali llama holding up a pack of the infamous "freshmaker" while piledriving a building at 600 mph is a pretty funny to me, anyways, has anyone else noticed that the lead singer in Linkin Park sounds like a rabid version of Savage Garden. By the way, we moved again so I gotta let all you guys know our new address, we're buying a house and hopefully in the spring about 25 acres. Satan rules! VAginal Assault FOREVER!!!

Re: I ain't makin' tha chili cheese no m 2001-10-12 00:53:20
by marasmus
So freschen us up on where you're at... are you still in Colorado Springs, or have you gone to Tennessee? Has hell frozen over and given you an icehouse on a lake?

I'm very sorry about not making it out there this month, as I had hoped to do. But I finally got another SysAdmin at my job, so I can actually USE my vacation time now and see you!
Re: I ain't makin' tha chili cheese no mo'! 2001-10-12 00:59:25
by stale
HAhahaHahaHA! Word up!

You sure they weren't trying to take out that Big N Tasty burger McDonald's started doing?
Re: I ain't makin' tha chili cheese no mo'! 2001-10-16 00:14:08
by smarta
I haven't heard from you in awhile and I'm glad to hear that everythings going great for you.