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hammered! :) 2001-09-17 12:02:01
by marasmus
One of our users, Rando, has put up a page with Tragedy banners, related to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

The page has been incredibly popular, as seen by the monthly overview graph of our bandwidth reports. If things seem a slight bit slow, this is probably why. :)

Re: hammered! :) 2001-09-17 13:17:32
by stale
It's about time one of our users starting using the bandwith for a decent reason. I'd rather piss away bandwith for something like this than DJ Homosex's mp3/bean collection.
Re: hammered! :) 2001-09-21 06:14:41
by Rando
Ooops. Sorry about that guys. I didnt think it would get that popular that quick. I guess the spot on The Screensavers didnt help things either. I have been tracking the referal links and the linking from their site has died down. Hope I didnt cause too much trouble and I really hope I wasnt the cause for VS to be down the past couple of days.
Re: hammered! :) 2001-09-21 13:36:32
by stale
It's no problem at all. We don't mind our users using bandwidth, just as long as it's not for some incredibly stupid reason. It's nice to have a user that's not trying to trade warez or run IRC bots on our network.
Re: hammered! :) 2001-09-21 14:55:55
by marasmus
No, the web services were down because our ISP blocked port 80 temporarily, to alleviate some of the Nimda-virus traffic. It's all good though - it'll be a cold day in hell before our dual xeon/RAID server gets taken down from too much web traffic. :)
Re: hammered! :) 2001-09-21 20:42:01
by Anonymous
The Screensavers RULE :)