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Bling Blingin'! 2001-09-15 15:16:19
by stale
Damn, I wish I was as fresh and tite as these guys. I mean hell, they even got the freshest, dopest beatz. Still, suckas be playa hatin'.


Re: Bling Blingin'! 2001-09-15 18:38:45
by forge
yo man, these muthafucka's be illin' yo. dey gost the freshest fuckin rides, and the dopest threads. they lyics are just the shizzah
Re: Bling Blingin'! 2001-09-16 00:09:49
by caridwen
this scares me.
Re: Bling Blingin'! 2001-09-16 12:09:12
by bobshoe
This is what happens when cousins fuck.
Re: Bling Blingin'! 2001-09-17 12:26:17
by [3]
where do you find this sheit..
Re: Bling Blingin'! 2001-09-17 17:44:22
by marasmus
Wit' dem spendin' all dey endz on da floss-n-fly rides dey gots, it's no wonder all dey can do iz rap. Brotha can't be buyin' no guitar amps when dey gots to finish payin' off dem 21" momos.

Dey say on dat site dat dey all 'bout joinzin' the military, but i swear dere's no way the mad-phat-lyrical-murderer on da left is any older than 15. Same goes for B-skrilla dere in da middle.

sk00lk1dz wit' too much o'dey parents' estates still cain't rap fo' shit. The Shizit izn't even rap and dey freak deez hoez rite out dey chromed-over nikes.

BTW, the Shizit have a few more preview tracks finished up for their new album, Soundtrack for the Revolution.