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Naked hoes drink Summer's Eve 2000-05-05 01:03:00
by vahman
So this virus crashed my entire company's Hull division. Hehe. That must have sucked for them. People are so dumb. Maybe there was a reason I was too sick to work today. I wish I could have helped them out.....but shit happens.

I am about to compile my Slackware box with the 2.2.15 kernel. I wonder what will happen.

If Redhat gets any lamer, it will start to get BSOD's. I installed it the other day just playing around...........what a lame install. There is a cute little GUI, and a weak fdisk program. Pogo said it, "It's the Windows of Linux!"

If you smoke crack and then go to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert, does that make you gay, or just a really funky bastard?