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mov slackware,00001000b 2001-08-30 17:51:25
by stale
Slackware 8.0 was officially released today. Check it out.

Re: mov slackware,00001000b 2001-08-30 21:53:24
by Anonymous
you absolutely must be the biggest idiot on earth, slack 8 has been out for months. stupid ass.
Penis! 2001-08-30 22:35:50
by Schlong
Re: mov slackware,00001000b 2001-08-30 23:45:25
by stale
In later news, Microsoft is also releasing their new version of DOS. Version 6.22 is supposed to offer features above and beyond what Slackware has to offer.
Re: mov slackware,00001000b 2001-08-31 08:12:59
by bobshoe
Anyone heard about this new version of DOS that is supposed to have menu's and able to connect multiple machines?
Re: mov slackware,00001000b 2001-08-31 19:23:08
by marasmus
That's what stale gets for working in the NT babysitting industry... :)

I could also blame it on the socio-political climate of his workplace, but I won't go there right now. :)