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art fag? 2000-02-07 23:38:00
by marasmus
okay. i got sick of the html 1.0 style page that i called my personal page.

 a shitload of frames later, i'm looking like the artfag of the week. The good news is that those colors aren't hard-coded to each page, so all i've got to do is modify three files and *b00m* the whole site has different colors...

 So... what do you think of the design? i'm not sure myself what to think of the color scheme, but it's better than having the rainbow rave of nasticity all over my scabies-covered ass. if you've got an opinion, tell me by clicking my gawt damn name up there in the title of this post.

if it looks like total dog shit in the browser you're using, let me know what browser you're using so i can browbeat you with it before stuffing something better down your throat... thanx!! =^,^=