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Misc Bitchings 2001-08-22 10:53:05
by pogo
I'll start with music download software. Why don't people who RIP the song, know who the band is and what the name of the song is. Seriously. "Greenday - Paranoid". First thought, Greenday playing paranoid. Wrong, I get two different songs, one isn't greenday NOR is it paranoid ( although it has a similar word in it). The next is just "basket case". So we set out to find Violent Femmes, and come across them playing a cover of "I wanna be sedated". This turns out to be the OFFSPRING ( who imho is _NOTHING_ like the violent femmes and sound NOTHING like them ). So if you have music, and you don't know what it is, try to find out ^_^.
That doesn't piss me off as much as the messages i got when i got out of bed. "Give it up" and "I'm not gonna let you download them". I selected a shitload of vandal's songs, hoping to see if i like them ( seeing them live doesn't count as knowing if you are feeling up to spending a billion dollars on 3 cds :) ). Why won't people let you download from them. Can you take but not give ? This is what makes SOOOOOO many swap services shit. Some ten year old kid downloading but not wanting to spare any of his bandwidth. Fuck him.
Ok, i'm done.

Re: Misc Bitchings 2001-08-22 14:32:05
by stale
Pogo, I have "Christmas With The Vandals" on my fileserver. You're more than welcome to download it.

Oi! to the punks, and Oi! to the skins, and Oi! to the world...