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Praise the Lord!!! 2001-08-17 03:36:21
by chevy
God Working in Mysterious Ways Jesus is alive and well and seeking love in the Virginia suburbs!!!

Jesus once officially endorsed Guinness 2001-08-17 10:25:21
by marasmus
But apparently they've replaced's Guinness endorsement with a huge array of random, nonsensical endorsements.

What out there is better than Guinness? Use it as a drink. Use it as a meal. Use it as a warm blanket on a frostbitten night alone on the side of an avalanched mountain. Use it as engine lubricant. Use it to degrease mechanical parts. Use it to disinfect wounds.

It's even more diverse in uses than Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root!
Re: Praise the Lord!!! 2001-08-23 19:24:23
by QueerBait
duitiful fisting, I lost my TimeX up there, it takes a licking