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Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-07 03:55:17
by caridwen
So as you all prolly know by now, I'ma be all up in Florida in 10 muhfackin' days.

Then it's all about dixie cups of aqualube, bottles of cheap as fuck wine, loud music, tasteless jokes and waking up wondering what exactly happened the day before.

Unless I hang with stale.. then it's gonna be all about anal sex, anorexic lesbo bitches and how many holes he has in his nuts.

all 'bout squealin' ho's /wet slippery nipple chops/ oh baby harder

Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-07 10:58:02
by stale
Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-07 11:55:27
by vahman
Wait.........someone is raggin' on Stale and it's not me:

Mom, I am confused
Which mailman is my father
Free stamps for this shit

Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-07 12:23:19
by vahman
Alcoholic nights
What the hell happened?
Thong in the toilet
Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-07 13:10:29
Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-08 18:38:43
by forge
wtf, all this raggin on neeya's and I aint a part of it?
I feel left out

Fuckin t'roo the night
jingle nuts and nipple rings
Dirty nZa luv

Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-08 20:51:30
by Xi
Well shit, i have NEVER posted here before.
Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-09 00:39:45
by Caridwen
It hit me this morning, I'm basically flying across the country for an extended booty call... Damn, I'm 'core.
Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-09 12:26:04
by stale
Desperate bitch.
Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-09 13:03:08
by marasmus
no comment. :)
Re: Ohhhh S'it... 2001-08-10 02:20:18
by caridwen
stale: yeah? Marasmus: don't speak :)