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Resistance is futile... 2001-08-02 10:52:59
by hooligan
I'm sure Freud or Jung has addressed this topic; however, humans have always desired immortality, and in a utilitarian sense, one could define immortality to be continued existence of the species through propagation. Society perpetuates this notion by implying that "we live on through our progeny." Well, some have taken this divinity complex to also include that their children should be created in their own image.

Re: Resistance is futile... 2001-08-02 12:19:54
by forge
Basketball afro for days
Re: Resistance is futile... 2001-08-03 10:38:05
by vahman
HAHAHA...........that is the shit Hooligan.
I say we all do our hair up like that and go to the Renaissance festival.
Re: Resistance is futile... 2001-08-09 12:29:38
by stale
If I didn't know any better, I'd think that I was looking at a picture of my parents. Damn.