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bloody vengeance 2001-07-31 11:49:42
by marasmus

rectalrenegade: we live above this giant car lot...
rectalrenegade: 1 pantball gun
rectalrenegade: 1 co2 canister
rectalrenegade: 2 boxes of balls
rectalrenegade: = giant discount sale
marasmus0: HAHAhahahahah!!!
marasmus0: ever shot anyone while they're lookin for a car?
rectalrenegade: god I would love to...
rectalrenegade: they're talking to the sales man... then wham!!!! splat... let the carnage ensue
marasmus0: right in the EAR!
rectalrenegade: hahahahahahahha
rectalrenegade: oh god get it out get it out
marasmus0: that'd hurt soooo bad
marasmus0: and they totally wouldn't buy a car
rectalrenegade: they'd probly have to go to the hospital
marasmus0: heh, prolly... it'd be really funny to hit the salesguy in the nuts
marasmus0: "yes, this car has excellent fuel efficien-AUUGHH! WHAT THE! AUUGH!"