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a fundraiser for my penis 2000-05-04 19:41:00
by stale
Alright, we all love using vector. There's no fucking spam mail, no bullshit, and it's fucking *nix based. You bastards have freeloaded long enough on this shit! Vector is on it's way down cause Marasmus can't pay for this shit anymore and all he gets is a, "no don't do that!" I think we all need to dig a little into our new video card / tittie bar money and t'row down some cash to keep this shit running. With the amount of freeloading fucks on this server, it's really be about 10 dollars to keep this shit running. Don't be a bitch!

Email either me,, or Marasmus,, regarding this shit. I'm ready to t'row down a little pocket change to keep this shit running.