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Mo Fugger's Malt Liqure..... 2001-07-27 22:31:38
by scrantoine
Suck it, suck this big mo fugga here-uh!! Moving on...check this out. Good for some laughs. Going to see Planet of the Apes tonight, hope its good. Fuckin movie theatre has a cafe in the lobby, no wonder the ticket price is outragious..that and the reclining seats with cushions and over-all clean atmosphere of said theatre. I get to go to work tomorrow and watch my boss Drew orally reem out the District Manager and quit on the spot. Should be entertaining. Yo stale, send me your number so when I come back down in the not-too-distant-future I can call your spooky ass and we can hang out. I want to go back to the castle and laugh at people....uh, I mean have a good time and enjoy the local, thats not what I meant...ahh, fuck it. I should get something done while I'm there...

Re: Mo Fugger's Malt Liqure..... 2001-08-13 15:55:31
by stale
You're a fag, Scrantoine. Hit that college pooty once for me!