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Ghetto 2001-07-27 18:02:32
by phallus

Re: Ghetto 2001-07-27 19:10:26
by Chewbacca!
receive the meat
portion of my dangling love
defies all of nature
HAIKU for YoU!!! 2001-07-27 19:23:17
by forge
smoke the endless wang
misproportioned genitals
Re: Ghetto 2001-07-27 19:28:16
by Chewbacca!
two balls will diverge
when your nose reaches the sack
tickle your tonsils
Re: Ghetto 2001-07-27 22:25:58
by piercedfreak
I thought I told ya'll about using the term Ghetto Mafia without the proper licensing fees. PAY UP BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!