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Carpie Poon!!! 2001-07-24 23:20:46
by scrantoine
God damn, its been a considerable length of time since I posted last. Anyone see Final Fantasy? not too bad...the plot was ok, but not up to par with the games. Nabbed that AKIRA special edition dvd last week....they changed the Oh well, still a worth-while investment. Can't go wrong at $1.85. I finally purchased that video card...survey says...$25 and change for the 3D Prophet III. The best part is, inventory went over rather well and it seems as though I will not be fired...hurrah. Ozzfest kicked ass, despite what anyone thinks of the bands...except for Crazy Town, they sucked crazy dick. We watched some guy get the shit kicked out of him by the cops, that was fucking cool. Stale, I dont have your new number so I couldn't get a hold of you when I was in town. Federal Express delivered my computer parts to the assholes next-door...guess what? I'm never going to see them. I called up FedEx every day and cursed at every person who picked up the phone untill they gave my situation over to the head of the orlando station. I called those fuckers several times before the package was to be delivered to make sure they would not fuck it up...fucking cocksuckers sure as shit fucked it up. So now I am waiting to hear from the corporate office in Memphis as to my compansation for my lost parcel...assholes owe me more for angst. Every time I think about it I want to slice someone's head off, pluck out the eyes and throw a few games over at Aloma East...I haven't bowled in a while....

Re: Carpie Poon!!! 2001-07-25 11:47:29
by billy
Wow, usually fedex is cool. a-ka-ra!! A-KA-RA. they did change the voices. hehehe.
Re: Carpie Poon!!! 2001-07-26 22:36:24
by stale
Toine, didn't your bitchass have my email address? Can't hurt to ask for my number, FUCK FACE!!