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Darwin Award 2001-07-24 09:31:41
by stale
It's not really that sad when things like this happen in the first place, but when somebody dedicates a website to it, they're just begging for some hate mail.


Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-24 11:59:39
by marasmus
Although, like every college student who tries to tip over vending machines (myself included!), this guy was a re-re, his family did make some pretty good points. The monkeys investigating the case sat there and tried to tip it themselves, and the lack of fingerprints was pretty damn wierd. Maybe he was mackin' on a 'ho and some other frat boy decided he'd drop a coke and a smile on his ass... who knows.
Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-24 12:52:49
by bobshoe
I think he was actually trying to fuck the machine, which would explain the partial print.
Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-24 16:08:26
by billy
i'd hump a machine. shit, bitch, i'll fuck anything that MOOOVEESSS!!!!
Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-24 23:25:20
by caridwen
personally i wanna know why they called Kevin Mackle their "dear son and brother." does that disturb anyone else?
Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-25 08:04:58
by forge
play with my nuts bitch heave the enormous sausage polymorphic fuck
Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-25 08:10:51
by forge
ok, ya'll can kick mah ass later
im entirely doped up and somehow i think i got mono...
this is definitely not the shit, but lets try that one again.

play with my nuts bitch
heave the enormous sausage
polymorphic fuck


Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-25 08:51:15
by vahman
If you try to bang a coke machine..........make sure you don't let it get on top. Makes it hard to hit it and quit it.
Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-25 23:18:34
by stale
Yeah, lord knows Vahman wouldn't want to stay and play. Oh, did I say that?
Re: Darwin Award 2001-07-26 22:39:47
by marasmus
With a coke machine on top of you, there's no way you can force-collide with yourself. unless you're hung like some sort of freaky-ass african tribesman and shit...

*pleads the fifth*