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Just so you know 2001-07-19 21:47:37
by vahman
This comment system is the shit.

Everyone should know they better fear Marasmus!

Re: Just so you know 2001-07-19 21:48:45
by marasmus
ACTUALLY... you should fear me for completely lockin' the bottom out that pocket pussy I got for my birthday and ripping it.

You should just gimme props for the comment system :)
Re: Just so you know 2001-07-19 23:30:35
by stale
ACTUALLY... I think I fear you completely because of that one time you got drunk in ybor city and then tried to kiss me. SSWEETIE!! Mad props on the comment system btw.
Cock 2001-07-19 23:38:37
by pogo
WHAT?! 2001-07-20 03:16:07
by caridwen
Marasmus got drunk in Ybor City and tried you kiss you? *why* the fuck am I learning about this just now?!
Re: Just so you know 2001-07-23 11:35:24
by vahman
I remember the one time Marasmus got drunk at the Super Bowl and kissed the entire Dallas Cowboys football team. Heh, ya never know what he will do after a few shots of Pucker
Re: Just so you know 2001-08-02 22:45:44
by Anonymous
Vahman likes to kiss also