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typical day at work 2001-07-17 16:54:43
by stale
A typical day at work for hooligan and myself:

[04:52:42 PM] * hooligan kicks back da hamma on da deuce-deuce
[04:52:54 PM] * stale offers a nice spot behind his ear
[04:52:57 PM] stale: do it
[04:53:31 PM] * hooligan steadily begins to squeeze the trigger with his index finger
[04:53:40 PM] stale: I REGRET NOTHING!!!
[04:53:41 PM] hooligan: BLAM!!!!

Re: typical day at work 2001-07-18 22:36:30
by caridwen
i would blame the drugs... 'cept in this case that's not a functional excuse.
Re: typical day at work 2001-07-19 15:09:45
by vahman
I would blame lack of drugs personally. Have you ever met Stale?