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I could never drink enough drano to look like your in-laws. 2000-05-04 13:27:00
by marasmus
it's like 1pm and I was seriously hoping that this staffing joint I talked to two days ago would have their shit together enough that they'd at least contact me about the positions I'm trying to go after. Oh I really would enjoy the idea of employment.

   In the meantime, i SHOULD go get a cigarette boat and wait for some drug traffickers to come up from cuba, spook 'em so they t'row the shit overboard, scam myself a kilo of heroin, and have a neighborhood bake sale with the shit laced in the brownies. Sadly, I'm too lazy to do that, so I won't.

   I'll end this with a beautiful haiku.
Temerity owns
take this shovel like a champ
don't let yourself wank