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the bazaar 2001-07-03 17:28:01
by marasmus
Work sometimes leaves me with spurts of boredom. During these, I supplement my knowledge with such wonderfully useful pages as this one. I just go to a random search engine and type in some random query (the one I used to get this page was "fuck that fine ass bitch". Personally, I don't understand how my luck works so well.... I even moreso don't understand how this page ended up being the first page on the list... unless Google is secretly caching my previous queries and using them somehow... (my previous query was "psychedelic nazi".)

Our net connection was down for about an hour today while our ISP was doing casio toy piano covers of Barry Manilow songs with their routers... or something like that. They had an hour worth of infinite-loop routes to us, causing packet TTL to expire (for those of you who know, or care, at all).

In other news, here is a twice-mistranslated haiku:

liveless shit sack
fiedel castro my ball sucks
army loadings of the love forwards