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Girls can only catch it...not throw it 2001-06-07 17:41:49
by vahman
First of all, on this big subject of Disco:
Disco sucked my ass. I won't argue that point in any context. However, it was a defining point in music history, whether you like "Stayin' Alive" or not.
Pondscum: Your comparisons of New Kids and Spice Girls have no relevance to the argument. Disco added many elements to music that did not exist before that time. New Kids and the Spice Girls were categorized as "Pop", which existed very much so in the 80's (I would like to point out that if anyone on this board was born before 1981, Hangin' Tough was the shit).

A second point, most of the music we hear today is a far cry from being "music". Most of it is simply sound. In my opinion, ICP falls into that category. Don't get me wrong, I think they are cool as hell, and I thank Stalemeat for showing me most of their songs................but I wouldn't say they exactly need a symphony to perform their songs. It is simply a string of hilarious text with a corresponding simple melody behind it.

Also..........Bee Gees were cool.
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