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Read This 2001-06-07 09:41:14
by pondera
"For all the criticism about Disco being phony, sounding all the same . . . it was for the most part created with actual instruments (even members of the LSO played Disco). Disco managed to incorporate emerging technology. Things that we now take for granted such as the extended single, the concept of multiple mixes or remixes (which itself dates back to the 60's Dub scene in Jamaica), the Break, mixing between songs (as opposed to a simple segue) and sampling all came about or were popularized by Disco. It also brought about improvements in sound with the introduction of the higher fidelity twelve inch single which is still with us today. More importantly, Disco is the foundation of all modern dance music and a force that shook up the establishment and tore down many socio-economic barriers." Disco was the foundation of the greatest music on earth (although most of you are gothic and don't agree).

Re: Read This 2001-07-28 00:04:12
by mangina
dis dik is fo you. 8===D