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what if penis was measured in shoe sizes? 2000-05-04 01:56:00
by pogo
Ok, so i admit to being dumb some times. Ever wonder what happens if you have 2 dhcp severs? Not a whole hell of alot ;) I even managed to flood my server off my lan. SYN flood is pimp on the lan :). I officially ended school today for 2 weeks. W00. gotta get a job. and fart. i took care of the latter. Any way, as for Vahman, i owe the man alot of hard ware ;) and he's not sick enough to take trades for better hardware from his own, so we can rob him of his shit yet...But soon! Finally, It is said that Metallica now has the NAMES of 350,000+ people or some bull shit number. Glad i didn't trade mp3's over the weekened :)

Well, i am off to ghetto sleeply porno land of majikal elves, green turds, and some luck charms, the magical fruit! Wtf am i saying? Who the hell cares! If Vahman was in the forest, and a tree fell on him, could i have his atlas 10k drive?!