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The SCSI card ate my RAM, so now winamp only plays the Backstreet Boys 2000-05-03 03:32:00
by vahman
So, after a long hard fight, I can now officially play Quake 2 in OpenGL mode within Linux. I recieved a somewhat lame 38.2 FPS in 1024x768 mode with 32bpp. But damn you, it runs.

Laird, don't take down Vectorstar if at all possible. I need somewhere to post my insignificant thoughts. I can't start my own website because of laziness. The only other place to turn it to get a job at ZDNet. Even then I would get fired within the first 3 hours for sleeping on the job. Power to Marasmus!

Well, I am heading to sleepyland now. I am sicker than ever, and will miss a 3rd day of work in-a-row most likely. I leave you all with this thought: "If a tree falls in the woods, and noone is around to hear it, does Snow White give head?"