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'cause you gotta have goals! 2001-05-25 11:30:37
by caridwen
obrien: they aren't dusted with cocaine. if that was the case you'd spend all your time sniffing the pages. there's smack coating the corners.. when you lick your fingers to turn the page... oh.
Check this, today i'ma go get a job at the second gothiest place in life to work. Starbucks!! If I really had goals for angstful gothiness, I'd go get a job at cinnabon. *staples hand to forehead*
But seriously. I know multiple people who work at Starbucks and I should be able to get up in that shit. I'm just thrilled minimum got raised to $6.10 out here, otherwise I'd snap after making my third latte.
Besides this job shit, my sister's Wedding is in a few days and everyone is frantic to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I'm just kinda taking up space, like I have since the engagement was made.
My mother has a job once again. I'm no longer living off welfare and food stamps. The levels of stress in my life have gone down sharply, I can say that much. I was really getting sick of macoroni, so this could not have come at a better time.
And most importantly I've decided that my goal in life is to be a bar slut in Indianapolis. oh.