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actually..... 2001-05-24 19:58:42
by obrien
I bet I make the least out of anybody here.... That's sort of a problem... At the moment I'm scrambling to get a credit card because my stupid ass has been spending entire paychecks on stuff like new shoes, gas, and tattoos instead of saving up for my week-long trip to Atlanta in June. So I figure going to Atlanta with only $300 to my name will kinda suck, since most of that will be spent on a hotel, food, and transportation.

And I'm ashamed to admit that I'm now reading Harry Potter #4. I work in a bookstore, and I see so many people who are completely obsessed with these books... So Last Thursday I decided to check one of them out... I didn't actually read it until Sunday, but I stayed up and finished it. And on Monday, I checked out the second book on my break, finished it before Borders closed, and checked out the third... I finished the third one on Tuesday and checked out the fourth one, which I am currently reading. This one's 750 pages long, so hopefully it'll keep me occupied for another day or so... But either way, I think the books are fucking dusted with cocaine because I can't stop reading them. I'm such a dork.