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analog connectivity 2001-05-24 13:33:09
by stale

ATDT 347-5417

stale: her box keeps droppin' carriers
hooligan: shitty
hooligan: which one?
stale: i was definately dialed in last night
hooligan: i heard
stale: sorry
hooligan: it definitely was audible
stale: analog connection
hooligan: jes, wit v.90 carrier detection, error handling and flow control
stale: i also had serve control and a 16550 uart
hooligan: and FIFO throughput
stale: FIFO like a motherfucker
stale: well technically, wouldn't it be LIFO?
hooligan: jes
hooligan: now j00 use da encapsulated PPP transfer method?
hooligan: cuz j00 know i'd w00p j0 ass if j00 were SLIP'in it
hooligan: j00 use da 'encapsulated' PPP transfer method?
stale: oh for sure dude
stale: i was straight up using a vpn
stale: pptp
hooligan: jes
hooligan: "encapsulated"
stale: for sure
stale: i had the skin boat encapsulated within the latex protocol
stale: since the firewall will not allow skin boat packets through without serious consequences
hooligan: jes
stale: in fact, if latex encapsulation is unavailable, the skin boat packets are normally dropped off and stored on a back end server
stale: oh


Re: analog connectivity 2001-07-28 00:05:37
by |pogo|
Re: analog connectivity 2003-02-04 16:35:09
by succy
Aaahahahaahah!! *chokes on a Matzo ball soup*