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Malicious Intent 2000-05-02 11:21:00
by marasmus
For the sake of clarifying to the world how much happier I'd be if everyone spectacularly ceased to exist in one big massive fireball of destruction, I'd like to offer this commentary:

There are 8 computers in my room. 5 are mine. one belongs to a sunglass company that has been wasting my time by supposedly having my write a backend database system for them but never gets their side of the shit done.The other two belong to people i know who need shit fixed. only 4 of my machines are on my UPS, cause i'm pushing 100% load on it. I need a bigger one, but being broke doesn't help.

The air conditioning in this house works great, except for my room. It's twice as bad because I"m running 8 computers in my room. Needless to say there's a lot of heat. There's also a lot of noise, considering that 4 out of 5 of my computers are running SCSI drives.

It's hot, it's loud, and there's sunlight outside. All i want to do is sleep peacefully from now until the end of time, but all that really goes on is the chirping of my birds (which are cool, but tactless), the humming of networking equipment and my machines, and me writhing around trying to get a moment's rest.

This, I have decided, is the reason your masked hero has been dysfunctional since january. Tough thing is that it isn't changing anytime soon and there isn't enough money left in the pocket of the laird to pay for VectorStar's network access. I'm actually considering taking it down for a while unless I can start to get some sleep with it running. Without sleep i can't be functional enough to get a job in order to afford the network bill or a house with a server room...

In the job market, I've got too much skill to do the majority of computer jobs and just the slightest bit too little skill to walk into the high-end development jobs. I'm too jaded on this shit industry to learn anything else right now, so moving into the fast-paced, high-stress, b-shitting-to-your-boss sort of job doesn't look incredibly fun. Is it too much to ask for a technically complex job that requires I speak to as few people as possible? I really hate their ambiguities and inconsistencies. Even moreso when it rubs off into their inferior computer products.

If, somehow, shit doesn't change, I may just have to pull the plug. It fucking kills me to do it, because i still enjoy VectorStar, but I absolutely don't enjoy dysfunction, an empty wallet, and no fucking sleep.

So, now you've heard my malicious intent.