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frayed ends of sanity..... 2001-05-19 14:40:57
by scrantoine
Normally I wouldn't do this, but I have an open-ended question for all the tech gurus of vector. Just a few days ago my ISA network card died on me. Not a big deal, I went to best buy and got a PCI network card of the same type(10/100). I install it and boot up, set it up, and it works good so far. IE runs and ICQ runs, but AIM and Diablo will not connect. I am noticing a similarity in error messages. Basically, they are saying that my card isn't running in 32 bit mode. Ok, I check the damn card in network properties and it says its running in 32 bit mode. WTF?!?! So I return the damn card and get a new one that says specifically on the box; "32 bit PCI network card." Come back home, install the new one and set it up....same fucking shit. I don't know what the fuck is going on. I think the PCI slots on my board are fucked up, but here I am posting on vector from my comp so it kinda works. If anyone has any suggestions/comments please email me.