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I Love Cheese.... 2001-05-18 16:32:49
by chevy
Just so everyone knows, everything is going well out here in the mountains! We still have a somewhat constant battle with our bills but that is to be expected from a newlywed couple who just moved 2000 miles. We have our apartment now, 2 bedroom 1 bath at around 1000 square feet. Just yesterday we traded in our car on a 97' GMC Sonoma. You gotta love trucks! All in all it is really great out here, just the money situation gets us down sometimes... but like everything else it will pass. Sara(ILuvU) found a couple of ballet schools and also a gymnastics club. We also found a shao lin kung fu school. We are going to join a few of these activities when we get more settled. We are also speaking with attorneys about custody of kevin, and credit repair for my stupid ass. We have every intention in the world of going to Ozzfest..hehehe! So anyone that wants to come with us let me know. Our plan is in about 12 months my credit will be somewhat healed and we should have a good down payment, so we're going to get between 10 and 20 acres and a new Mo-bile Home!!! Laird, Laurie I expect your asses out here real soon... and remember ALWAYS PRACTICE VAGINAL CLEANLINESS!!!