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shakin' what my momma gave me 2001-05-10 17:59:58
by marasmus
Considering all my rather recent bad luck with the medical profession, I don't know how I ended up with a very good chiropractor, but I did. and that's cool. hopefully the bizarre headaches will go away and i'll be able to go an hour without cracking my back a thousand times in a thousand directions.

I've come to the realization that part-time work would bore me to bloody death. Hell, if I was doing a normal 40-hour workload, I'd be shit bored and posting 10 messages a day on here, and that would get annoying, so I'm gonna stick with the overworked fulltime position for now. I get to implement new servers on new networks at new datacenters and hack up some seriously high-end stuff without any supervision. Helluvalot of fun.

Speaking of positions, I miss that one known as lying down. Sleep deprivation runs rampant, and I'm averaging 5 hours of sleep as of late. I've got to say it's not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. If I actually eat food, I can probably function decently on 3 hours a night for a week straight. Well, I guess there are other things that could keep me functioning decently on 3 hours a night too... ;-)

VectorStar's DSL is being remapped early next week to our new provider, with more IPs and twice the pipe. I don't expect to have any free time until September, so I really don't know if I'll be able to finish (and then revamp for recent system changes) the new user signup system any decade soon. If a user who is familiar with Perl and DBD::Pg feels like contributing, harass me.

And Chevy... bitch I'm going to come out there! And i'm going to bring some surprises, once i figure out what the hell they're going to be. and you'd better be prepared to take me in for a while, cause I plan on taking 2 weeks off work and driving out there nice and slow-like. seeing the country. and the desert. and the mountains. I'm looking at an October-ish time (preferrably early october so I don't need to get snow-capable tires on my car) to make the trip... and SOMEONE's coming with me cause there's NO way I'm driving that far by myself!

Just for the record, the last week has been the most sustained truly-happy period I've experienced in memory. Thank you for the advice, Laurie. You don't even know how much.