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Back from Livestock 2001-05-04 11:21:35
by scrantoine
Livestock 11 kicked major ass. Three days of sun, bands, and titties. We have some good pictures but the film has yet to be developed. School is over and its time to work at full capacity, oh joy. The good part is most of my work day consists of playing video games and checking out all the good-looking women who go to Panera Bread. I have been flying below radar for some time now...mainly because I was busy with school and all that jazz. The crew is going to Ozzfest at Festival Park in a month or so...I forgot the date. The lineup is killer: Slipknot, Mudvayne, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Nonpoint, Taproot, and others. Besides Ozzfest, we are probably going to roadtrip up to Atlanta to see Tool. Too many bands and shows make scrantoine...something something.....