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Granola, and the Rocky Mountain High.... 2001-04-26 13:52:44
by chevy
Howdy Yall, Just thought that the Chevy and the Sara would drop everyone a line and inform you all of what has been going on since the going away party. Well, the trip was great, we left Friday the 13th and proceeded to head thru Tallahassee to see Sara's sister Charity... she was'nt home so we had to stay in a ghetto Days Inn, we proceeded to eat chips and watch the carnage on the video we recorded at the pinata beating, the next day we left for New Orleans and drove all thru the night into Texas. There's really not much to say about texas, besides it takes forever to get out of it, however we had to go thru it twice because of the route we chose from Oklahoma... where by coinsidence is the home of Turner Falls, a beautiful estimated 50-60 ft. water fall in the middle of what could be the set for Geronemo-2, it was gorgeous, stopped to play in the water and there was a fort of some kind built into the rock formations, we'll surely go back there and I suggest it to anyone who would be going thru that area. Periodically we stopped off at a Motel 6 here or there, and slept in the car when either we had to rest or me or Sara just needed to hold one another. Along the way we had to give away our 15" samtron monitor to give us enough room for everyone to be more comfy, there was Sara, me, Kevin, Rachel, Molly(our cat) and Lucifer the Turtle in our nissan 240sx. We finally made it within a few hours of my interview with Agilent Technologies last Tuesday, where I got my current job as a provisioning agent(I don't know either), and am now grossing $31,000 annually. The only bad news is that Lucifer left us last week, for no known reason and is now buried on a ridge in The Garden of the Gods under a stone marked "Lucifer our Buddy 4/21/01", we all cried. As for now we are all just taking in the magic of this place, trying to settle in and get out of the efficiency we are living in and into our own house, give it a couple of weeks. Sara and I are so very happy, this place is magic, the dirt sparkles like fairey dust and the moutains hold so much mystery for us to find and explore together... we have found a place to be young, and free and in love... to raise our children, to have a home, and to reclaim the childhood innocence that is so easily taken from us. We miss you all, come and see us...