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avoidance 2001-04-24 16:40:48
by marasmus
The silence has been prevalent around here. good thing that i haven't said much, cause i've been changing my mind WAY too much and thinking up new crazy things way too often for me to be sane. The only thing that's been constant in my head the last few weeks is that things ARE changing. They are definitely changing.... some for the better, some for the worse, some for the hell of it, and some out of boredom.

Just a few of the things that have held serious consideration in my mind lately:
  • moving back to USF and going back to school
  • moving to orlando and going to UCF
  • working part-time and enjoying life / being a bum like Pogo :):)
  • building a schedule to work out and excercise
  • start going to a chiropractor to straighten out my F'd up back (actually doing this)
  • buy a new acoustic guitar (Ovation Balladeer 1771)
  • start a new business in the data collection and processing realm
  • finish learning ANSI C and using it on some server software I want to write
  • take a spontaneous vacation and drive out west
  • cut my hair off (it's halfway down my back)
  • drink whiskey until i vomit uncontrollably
  • start colocating VectorStar so I can live wherever I want, even in my car
  • Start automatically volunteering every telemarketer that calls and acts like an asshole while they're wasting my time for the newest position as Palestinian Suicide Bomber™

VectorStar has been in the process of changing to, as everyone knows, and that's about to reach completion in another week. Once that's complete, there are a TON of things we're looking to do, and a number of different directions in which we may go with VectorStar.

There are just way too many things going through my head way too fast to make any sense of any of them. someone please let me out of my own head!!