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Takin it in the ass. 2000-05-02 00:07:00
by pogo
Ok, so now a shitload of people are in deep shit. This is why i stopped getting mp3's. To people who force BULL SHIT upon you for the happiness of some one else, claiming it is all good. A big simple FUCK YOU. :) You know who you are. I love you and all, but DAMN. Why won't any one listen to me. Maybe my voice isn't heard because people ignore the shit i want or they just don't wanna beleive. Whats gonna happen when they kick your door in. I'd rather not find out.

You can read HERE

And i leave with a quote to my close homie. I read this today, makes me feel better...It's not paranoia if they're really after you. TRUE. TRUE :)

Oh, i almost forgot. I saw a HUGE DILDO in the middle of the road today. Drove by it about 6 times, just to make sure i wasn't dreaming :) It was funny as hell. And to my close friend, I do still love you. Just attempt to respect my simple wishes a bit more.