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kung foo fists of fury 2001-03-28 23:28:33
by marasmus
this week has been shit for me. Check out these shitty things:
  • Company's main datacenter is getting shutdown and liquidated by the colocation provider. I must automagically move all services off of this datacenter onto imaginary servers in an immediate timeframe, but only after I get an okay from management that will never come. Since I am the only Network and/or Systems Administrator, I get to pull this off single-handedly while balancing two time-critical programming projects (I'm not really a programmer) and dealing with customer service I shouldn't be dealing with in the first place.
  • I decide that with such a shitty situation going on at work, at least I should go have a nice lunch, so I drive to Hops. On the way, I hit a pot-hole at 45mph and get a real nice bubble on my tire.
  • The bubble gets worse and I change the tire in a parking lot in the Mexican part of north Tampa.
  • I drop the car off this morning to get the tire fixed. I have to drive a Ford Taurus for 80 miles.
  • The tire is $198 and change to replace.
  • The wheel is bent and must be replaced. $396.
  • I drive back after work to pick up the car. Some ditz is at the register to accept my nearly $700 check, and can't provide me with the original wheel that is bent, so I have to come back some other time to pick it up.
  • My employer's direct deposit has been fucking up and depositing money only when their AOL accounting server feels like it, so I probably won't have enough money to cover that $700 check. I also have rent to pay tomorrow.
  • I go to drive home, but the radio says there are major accidents on both the main roads between the car dealership and my house. So I take the smaller, quieter, more peaceful roads back home. On the way, I get rear-ended by a huge pickup truck.
  • The damage isn't that bad by visual inspection, but I HAVE to get Genuine Acura Certified Collision Parts if I want to keep my warranty on my 3-month-old car. But the insurance company doesn't give me a choice in that matter.
  • The guy who rear-ended me didn't call me back tonight. If he doesn't speak tomorrow, I'm getting a machete and a halberd and goin' chicken huntin'.
I'm still outwardly calm and collected and sober, so I entirely understand the scope of everything that's going on. THAT sucks.

Thought you had a bad day? Just wait. It'll be your turn next.