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Ze Pogo Strikes Again 2000-05-01 01:11:00
by pogo
I'm all alive and well. I just kinda felt bad. I got over it. As for my uptime, it was a bit past 90 days, now? just a few minutes :)

New server specs...amd k6-233 (from p120), 32meg of ram (downgrade for 32M sdram), 4.32 gig HD (1 gig scsi), 2 dec tulip pci nic's (1 isa realtek and 1 pci smc). Not bad for free :) Thanks Vahman. I got a kenwood 42x True speed too. :) I love the man. Well I got home work to do, and got exams tommarrow (today) so ima leave with a new thought.

If you happen to be looking at porn on the net, and jerkin' yo jimmy, do you wear condoms on your fingers when you type as to not get da HIV?