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um.. yeah.. 2001-03-22 02:33:42
by caridwen
Fuck. Just Fuck. Fuck my mom for being incapable of understanding how serious her loosing her license was. Fuck my sister for treating me like I'm incapable of thinking for myself. Fuck Adam because.. I dunno, fuck him anyway! Fuck my teacher for not being able to understand simple english unless I repeat myself endlessly. Fuck males for being so... male. Fuck chicks for being so chick-like. Fuck sexuality. Fuck Smoking. Fuck refers and beers. Fuck rants about nothing. Fuck the word fuck. Just fuck it all because the endless stasis I've been living in finally ended and now everything is falling apart and everyone thinks I've got answers for questions I didn't even think to ask!

This concludes a rant about nothing that everyone has heard themself say atleast once in their life.