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Bitch about work? 2001-03-20 19:36:50
by wanderer
Somehow the notion of introducing oneself seems appropriate, but perhaps I'm going to subject you to what I feel is a look into the joy and fun of my life

My job is a premium of laziness. (sorta) I sit on my ass and flick switches and answer pages, phones, sign staff/visitors in and out, be constantly on wait for the emergency alarms to go off so I can direct the staff to where the emergency button has been hit.

Yup. It's a security job. but the problem is that it's in a Psychiatric unit - A forensic one specifically, so I help contain murderers and the like.

So as well as the aforementioned tasks, because I sit smackbang in the middle of the unit, with the door to the room where I work with the door wide open. (hey. if you shut it, the air conditioning gets a lil' unstable and the temperature turns into a baby sauna)

So as I do my job, I watch my back conscious of the time watching my back to see if a patient has gone off, grabbed the weightlifting bar, and is about to clock me around the head for amusement.

Although most of the time I'm not too fussed as the unstable are locked up next door in the secure part of the unit. But occasionally they come over to the sub-acute side of the unit, so until you can suss them out, you're in a little heightened state of paranoia.

So. do we want to talk about stress in the job?

Sometimes mine's a neat ol' fun playground of joy. But for a good portion of the time I sit there reading a book, or scrawling down notes for various ideas, creative sparks.