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Delerium. 2001-03-19 12:47:57
by marasmus
so shit's been quiet around here for a week. peculiar - i've been sick off my ass for a week. I left work early last monday and stayed out until today due to a respiratory infection. Today I force myself to come in, and the medication the doctor gave me is screwing with me so bad the room's spinning, when I'm even coherent enough to be fully conscious. I figure maybe coffee will wear off the fatigue - nah, now i'm just an edgy delerious bastard. i'd go home from work, but i'm not in shape enough to drive home. F.

In other news, the new shell server is getting somewhat near completion. much of the software is installed, and i've gotten a fair bit of configuration done. There's a shitload more to do, and I can't get it done while sick - it just requires too much thought and documentation to pull off when i'm not healthy. Hopefully you'll start seeing signs of life from this monstrosity in about a week.

It's a really fucked up feeling to be this wired on coffee (which i never drink) and still be nodding off at the keyboard every 30 seconds. I don't recommend it. definitely not one to try at home, kids.