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Why tech support IS IMPOSSIBLE. 2001-03-08 11:35:01
by marasmus
Helping people is a very slow process, which is particularly unfulfilling (to me), especially because I'm asked to support and explain HIGHLY technical things to people who lack the heavy foundation to really understand them.

People want me to explain the equivalent of how the ratio of newtonian-force on a piston in a combustion engine yields direct heat energy and force, even before the instantaneous moment in which the piston moves in the combustion engine... but the people i'm explaining to haven't taken a physics class and have never started a fire using gasoline.

So... How does someone without an understanding of the Law of Conservation of Energy or the relationship to newtonian force to other energy forms (heat/friction, counter-force of a non-moving object in a non-vacuum), or any understanding of what makes a particular type of metal capable of flexing or dissipating heat, or stay rigid without breaking, expect to get a decent understanding of a 3.8L V-6 engine cranking out ~175lb/ft of torque from six synchronized fuel injectors and spark plugs at a range between 4000 and 5000 RPM?

Can you, without 2 years experience as an engine mechanic, honestly just pop the hood of your car, smooth down burrs on your pistons, adjust and balance your injector valves, and achieve the optimal CO/CO2 exhaust ratio for your engine? Of course not. That's absurd. Just as absurd as any non-technical person expecting me to make them understand in 2 minutes or less ANYTHING in my highly-technical skill set.