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ack!! 2001-03-05 16:49:46
by obrien
ohmygoodness. Congratulations you bastard :) I'm glad you've finally found the one because God knows what bad luck you've had with women so far...

And now for some other good news... My sister Kathy had her baby today... by Cesarian because the baby was so fucking fat... Get this- Marisa weighed 9 POUNDS 13 OUNCES! That's only *3 ounces* away from a full 10 pounds! Luckily she doesn't look that fat... I was expecting the StayPuff Marshmallow Man, but she's not too chunky. She only looks like she's 8 pounds... But Christ that's a fat baby.

So I'm gonna visit her right now... And Chevy, I wanna see you and Sara tonight... I've got a present for you two.