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Crack Cocaine is cheap in North Carolina.... 2001-03-04 23:20:58
by chevy
Remember when I said that all women were evil and that the only out was that of death, horribly painful death. I'm sure some of you have noticed how I've been, how should I say, a little less manic depressive since me and Sara have been together... Well that is because Sara is a Goddess, Sara is my everything and guess what... What you ask!?! Sara is now my wife!!!!! You know what that means.... I am her husband!!!!!! Yes that's right... Finally after 23 years of tortured existence I have finally found the one that I have been created for and the one that has been created for me... Sara and I Had been waiting to tell everyone, so now the time is right. On the 28th we drove all the way up to North Carolina so we could get married in the Smokey Mountains and so, wild as we are, did so and have been married since the first of march. We are still leaving for out west at the end of the month so if you want details and to stay in touch, you all know how. FYI, we had the legal part done for a lot of reasons, but have already exchanged vows thru our words and actions, but never fear we are still going to have the cerimony in the fall and will be sending out invites/announcements very soon... So all my friends, please give us your blessings and best wishes and we'll see you all at the hand fasting.... I'm so very happy.