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W00 2001-03-03 09:31:26
by pogo
i'm on vacation. I'll be back tuesday. i guess my code is vaporware till i get un-400lbs and feel like posting it. I'm cool with vaporware ^_^.

IN THE EVENT THAT THE WORLD ENDS, YOUR HOUSE BURNS DOWN, VECTORSTAR EXPLODES IN A BALL OF FIRE AND YOU NEED _MY_ HELP FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, i have my cell phone with me, and will be near it most of the time (incase a snake bites me, or a shark tries to fin fuck my ass...). You better have a _DAMN_ good reason for calling ^_^

Again, see ya tuesday night.


Sorry, forgot to mention ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR CARIDWEN -=UNF=- ~

And still "fuck you" to stalemeat...i got a huge dick you can suck...