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YOU FUCKIN AX'D ME FOR HELP!!! 2001-03-02 15:59:06
by hooligan
I have to empathize with stale.

WTF...the nerve of some people.

Consider this. You are having difficulty with a product, which preliminarily you've been somewhat pleased with. Then you encounter a situation that you are unable to resolve or are just misunderstanding, so you decide to contact tech support for assistance. Once you've described the issue as you see it, the tech/engineer requests you take further action in order to obtain essential information to resolve your dilemma. Instead of cooperating and providing the information, you choose to berate this person and his/her company for not kowtowing and prostrating himself to your every whim. You say, "I am very unhappy with the support that I am receiving [from you and your company]."

Why would you do that?

If it is because you suffer from one of the following inadequacies, then I have some resolutions for you.

A) You are so upset about your lack-o-sk33lz, that in order to mask such deficiency you must assault everyone in your path due to said frustration.

Resolution: Fuck off! Your insecurity should not render askew the need to conduct oneself in a courteous manner. Furthermore, one would expect such courtesy from the support staff. Maybe you shouldn't even be using the product, and if you are employed to do so, then maybe you would be better off collecting unemployment.

B) You are socially dysfunctional because your only daily interaction is with your box, and you haven't the ability to communicate properly with a human.

Resolution: You must be patient. I believe there is emergent technology that will permit the human brain to be digitized and assimilated into the construct. Hopefully, it will happen in your lifetime, because the rest of the world can do without you.

C) Or, You are an asshole/bitch without an ounce of decency.

Resolution: You can also FUCK OFF! Shitheads like you need to learn that life is much easier when you don't disparage everyone you have to deal with. At least try to create a facade of courtesy.

Futhermore, you called and ax'd me for help, mothafocka.


By the way, "You know what you doing."