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Bum fucker 2001-03-01 21:46:05
by pogo
I hope you eat shit..."credit"

Next on my list, i am sorry for not posting source and binaries. I will in a few minutes. I wanted to run more tests with it first, i desoldered mario/duck hunt (who doesn't own 10 carts of this), and dumped the roms, a perfect match. So now, assuming my solder skills rule, i get a nes "dev kit" :)

Btw, to compile, i used some crap libraries from allegro, so many of you won't be able to use this, HOWEVER, should you have djgpp w/ allegro and dzcomm, OR gcc same thing, you can compile the code, and check out my massive two hours of work ;)

So remember, all your roms are belong to me...
I'm taking donations of old bios, sparc roms ;) (keyboard?), and anything else that you wanna ship my way to dump for fun and sex slaving.