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... 2000-04-30 01:02:00
by pogo
There are some things I would like to get off my chest. If you read this, great, if you don't, it is acceptable as well.

I would like to apologize to stalemeat's girlfriend. I will admit, I really didn't like you, until today. I realized it wasn't you I didn't like, it was me. I'm sorry. It sounds sarcastic, but I found that you are a different person that I had once thought. I can't explain how I feel, and apologizing isn't enough. Words cannot describe how horrible I feel. But again, all I can do is apologize with the hopes you read this. You left before I got my chance.

I also would like to apologize to my girlfriend. I've treated you like shit long enough. I'm sorry. Again, I stress that I cannot express how sorry I trully am for the things I have done.

Finaly, I want to apologize for walking out on every one. I didn't say good bye, which is unlike me. I'm sorry. Sometimes you just need to get away, it wasn't you, it was me.

This is not meant to be taken as a joke. I do note that the above statements do not follow statements I have made in the past, or actions I have shown, thus making me a hypocrit, but so be it. I could contain such feelings no longer, and I am expressing them as I see fit. If I manage to offend you in any way, or have ever offended you, I am sorry as well, It was never meant to be.